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Lutherville Laboratory – History

Lutherville Elementary School is situated in the historic Lutherville community.  The school was built in 1951 and served the local community.  In 1983, the school building was closed and the students merged with Timonium Elementary.  Students attended classes at Lutherville-Timonium Elementary School located on the present site of Timonium Elementary School.  During the time when the building was not used as a school, our building was used by the fire department and recreation council.


In September 1993, Lutherville Elementary School reopened as a magnet school under the new name Lutherville Laboratory.  Students came from the previous Lutherville-Timonium Elementary as well as other area schools.  With the advent of the magnet program for the total designated population, Lutherville received and accepted admissions from Pinewood, Hampton, Timonium, Rodgers Forge, and Riderwood Elementary Schools whose boundaries are contiguous to Lutherville.  Students were also admitted from Bedford, Carney, Fifth District, Fort Garrison, Randallstown, Pine Grove, and Pot Spring. 


The magnet school focused programs in science, math, and communications.  The investment in the sciences has led to a staff that is well trained to teach inquiry, critical thinking, and collaboration.  The school community was a leader in innovative practices that encouraged hands-on opportunities for the children.  In 2014, the school was designated a National Magnet School of Excellence.


Our school has continued to evolve to serve the community.  Over the years the number of students living in the community has grown.  This did not allow the school to truly fulfill the role of a magnet school:  To provide an opportunity for students outside the community boundaries to participate in a magnet program.  In 2015, the Board of Education of BCPS voted to rescind the magnet status and return Lutherville Laboratory to a student population that is enrolled fully from within the community boundaries.  The process included a phase out timeline with the school continuing with magnet status through 2016-2017. 


The Lutherville community continues to be focused on the children and providing an excellent education.  The many initiatives have become part of the school culture and will continue to be implemented.  This includes a focus on maintaining our status as a Sustainable Green School and especially our focus on preparing the children to be critical thinkers that can succeed in the 21st century.



Lutherville Laboratory Demographics


Our students live in individual houses, townhomes, and apartments.  Individual homes predominate.  Due to the lack of sidewalks and our location on York Road, school bus service is the predominant form of student transportation. 


We have a staff of 62 including 23 classroom teachers.  All of our teachers are highly qualified in their content areas.


As a community of learners, we partner with our school families to support the children.  Our PTA is active in sponsoring both academic activities as well as evening social events.