Nurse's Corner


From the Nurse:

Health Suite information for parents 


Our goal in Baltimore County Public Schools is to have your child’s school attendance outstanding so they may learn at their optimum level. That said, there are times when we should keep our children home. Some of these times are:

Fever: A temperature of 100.0 or higher orally. Your child may return to school after being fever free for 24 hours.

Vomiting/Diarrhea: Your child should stay home if he/she has vomited or has had more than 1 loose stool in the morning before school.

Pinkeye: Conjunctivitis is very contagious. The white of the eye is reddened and upon awakening there is a “crust” around the outer eye. There is usually itching and a thickened discharge from the eye. Contact your MD and keep your child home. Upon returning to school, please bring a note from the MD.

Chicken Pox: Usually start on the abdomen, back, chest, and under the arms. The blisters are red, fluid filled, and itch. Children can still get chicken pox even after getting the Varivax. Children should stay home until all blisters have scabbed over.

Impetigo: This presents as blisters that have become infected by staph or strep. Blisters are usually found around the mouth, nose and become crusty and drain. This must be treated with antibiotics for 24 hrs. prior to return to school.

Strep: A child diagnosed with strep must be on an antibiotic for 24 hrs. and fever free prior to return to school.