Science Focus

We believe in students as “citizen scientists” who are educated and empowered to make a difference in their world.  Providing opportunities for students to interact with the larger scientific community allows students to appreciate the impact of science and technology on their daily lives.  Student-led environmental projects support our on-going Green School initiatives.

  • Safe Racer Engineering Challenge –students use recycled materials to research and design a vehicle that will protect a raw egg in multiple distance and force trials


  • Engineering is Elementary – students at every grade level apply the engineering process to collect and analyze data in authentic problem solving situations; engineering challenges include assembling catapults, designing windmills, creating plant packages, building Lego zip line runners, and constructing parachutes


  • Monarch Madness – students experience the magic of the monarch butterfly life cycle and take steps to increase the habitat of the butterfly through the planting of host and feeder plants on our school grounds; students tag their butterflies and report the data to an international database that tracks monarch migration


  • Learning Garden – students experience authentic application of math and science skills by designing and maintaining a garden that enhances all curricular areas; members of the local gardening club assist and guide our efforts


  • Trout in the Classroom – students cooperate with volunteers from Trout Unlimited to raise and release rainbow trout fingerlings; students study the trout life cycle, habitat needs, food chains, and environmental indicators of water quality


  • Environmental Club – students organize our school-wide recycling program and communicate the importance of recycling to the school community; students visit the iLab daily to collect data and care for our rainbow trout


  • Coding Club - help children learn Scratch, HTML & other tools by making games, animations, and websites. The projects gradually introduce coding concepts to allow children to build their knowledge incrementally.