Math Focus

We believe in developing mathematical literacy in our students through authentic, hands-on investigations that integrate technology with computation, problem solving, reasoning, and communication.


  • Hands-on Algebra – students investigate simplifying and balancing algebraic equations through the use of concrete models


  • 24 Club – students improve their computational skills through a fast-paced game in which they use multiple computational processes and pre-determined numerals to make 24; students represent our school each spring in a county-wide competition


  • Bank at School Savings Program – student tellers work with CFG Community Bank volunteers every month to tally and process deposits to our students’ youth savings accounts 


  • STEM Fair –students apply measurement and data principles through independent investigations in which they manipulate variables and report on the scientific and mathematic outcomes


  • Safe Racer Engineering Challenge – students use geometry, measurement, and data skills in the testing of vehicles during multiple distance and design trials


  • Engineering is Elementary – students apply the engineering process to collect and analyze data in authentic problem solving situations; engineering challenges include assembling catapults, designing windmills, creating plant packages, building Lego zip line runners, and constructing parachutes


  • Learning Garden – students experience authentic application of measurement, geometry, computational, fraction, and problem solving skills by designing and maintaining a garden that enhances all curricular areas


  • Trout in the Classroom – students employ measurement, data, fraction, and probability skills when assessing water quality and maintaining a trout habitat in the iLab